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  We designed a great deal with our very own in house lube express facility. Our facility has been built specifically for oil changes and basic vehicle checks. For a very low affordable price your car will receive a full oil change with a free car wash included.

  Our Frequent Customer Discount Card is a large part of our customer loyalty program. It's easy to save money at the classic car wash. After your first car wash, you will receive a punch card. After your 8th car wash you will receive a FREE full service car wash #3 from our wash menu.

  Join today and receive many promotional limited time discounts. On your birthday present your drivers license and receive a discount on which ever car wash package you pick. These are some of the best local discounts around, please take advantage of this offer.


We use non-abrasive, absorbent material that is specially designed for the washing of today's high tech paint finishes. It ensures that your vehicle comes out spotless every time.
Our cloth and water jet technology, guided by sensors to follow the contour of your vehicle, enable us to clean your vehicle with precision. Wheel blaster water jets together with special cleaners remove brake-dust and tough road grime. Special side to side Mitters increase cloth movement for cleaning while also buffing in triple foam wax for increased protection. High pressure rotating water jets rinse both side and top surfaces, followed by rain arches providing a final rinse of your vehicle. Hurricane-like blowers help remove the remaining rinse water.

Psychologists correlate cleanliness to strong moral fabric, attractiveness, a sense of feeling uplifted or inspired, and balanced decision making. We call this combination the clean car feeling. This feeling is normally accompanied by a smile, and it makes us happy to know your’re happy.

It’s true. People who ride in your car will wonder how you keep it so clean. They, they’ll get jealous and start questioning how they care for their own car. It’s up to you to decide if you want to share your secret or keep it to yourself

A quality car wash, inside and out, is a recommended part of ongoing vehicle care. As dirt, grime and dust build up, they can diminish your car’s efficiency and value. Untreated textiles like leather, rubber, fabric and plastic deteriorate at a faster rate when left to the elements. We’re here to keep this from happening.

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